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FREE Content Strategy Template

Clients admit they have no idea how to craft a content strategy and fear they don’t have the expertise to do it correctly. I share my exact content strategy template for download at the link below. 

FREE Content Calendar Template

You’re a busy business leader, you don’t have the time to think of compelling social media or blog post ideas on the spot. Yet, you’re savvy, you know it’s critical to continually engage and provide value to your core clients and stakeholders. Download at the link below my tried and true content planning template. 

How to write a great speech

7 trade tricks used by professional speech writers:

The truth no one tells you is that the best speeches all employ the same tools to make them impactful, memorable, and inspiring. Here are seven tips to make your speeches more memorable.

Does PR Have a Diversity Problem?

In 2018, I researched, as the culmination of my Master’s program, whether there was a lack of Black women in public relations, and if so, what was keeping them out. Limited research about Canadian public relations led me to draw on data from the U.S. which uncovered 4 key insights…

How Much Does Content Creation Cost?

Many have asked me the past few weeks about pricing in the content, PR, and communications industry. It can be very confusing understanding what you’re paying for, and what reasonable fees are. The answer for every pricing question you may have is, “it depends…”

How to Have Productive Conversations About Race

As more become aware of the system of oppression within which the public relations industry was built, it’s valuable that we have a collective approach to productive conversations about racism. This article provides 8 important tips to remember…

Anti-Racism in Public Relations, An Imperative for Canada’s Communicators

We’re seeing an increasing number of new studies reinforcing the realities of the BIPOC experience, particularly as more non-racialized communicators are becoming motivated to address these issues. This article provides steps for PR schools, organizations, allies and communicators in general to consider to be actively anti-racist in their professional lives.

How to Create Quality Content?

Assuming you understand the value of good content when bringing in and converting someone from passive viewer to motivated buyer, let’s talk about how to create quality content.  More than quality, you want content that will cut through the noise everyone else is creating.

What is Content and Why It's Important

A look at how quality content creates more conversions. This article is specifically helpful for those who are still struggling to understanding why content marketing and audience engagement through compelling content is important. Specialized content is an opportunity for businesses, find out how…