FREE Content Calendar Template

By: Sharlyn Carrington

You’re a busy business leader, you don’t have the time to think of compelling social media or blog post ideas on the spot.

Yet, you’re savvy, you know it’s critical to continually engage and provide value to your core clients and stakeholders.

My best advice will always begin with planning ahead. Don’t feel rushed the morning of to determine what your goals are, what you may want to say, and how you may want to say it. Don’t wake up and realize you haven’t published that informative blog post, nor have you shared that how-to video and you didn’t optimize your content for a particular channel. You need to plan, set benchmarks and then track how effective your time and energy was. Did you reach your ROI? 

Below, I’ve shared my favourite content calendar and planning tool to help you lay out a month’s worth of content and to coordinate your key messages across your many channels.

It can cost thousands of dollars a month to have someone do this for you, and it’s worth it. It can take significant time, energy and resources to craft compelling AND strategic content that helps you reach your goals. But you can do it on your own. You need to be intentional about what you post, when you post and where you post to get the most benefit of your time. 

If you start using this template and you discover you’re having trouble setting your goals, and creating foundational key messaging that will carry you through all of your content – web, social, and otherwise – let’s connect, I’d be overjoyed to work with you to reach your communications goals.